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Tyrone is a veteran in the local music scene as a well-known Producer / Engineer with RSA Productions. The first single "Things I Do For You” is the title track of the forthcoming LP “Blackout” from Lynx Records 2024. The recording of the LP began in the fall of 2023 with Tyrone writing, producing, and engineering at the BRS Studios.

As the Head of Lynx Records and Chief Recording Engineer at BRS (Bradley Recording Studio) Tyrone was well equipped to take on the project and the Music industry with his album  “Blackout”. 


Things I Do For You

The Word Is Out - Dj’s Respond

DJ Ice Tra
Message: The song is dope!

Dj Mike Stagg

Message and yes I love this track I would love a drop!

Benny Brown
Message: Hi Joe, thanks for hitting me with this joint. I downloaded it a few weeks ago, indeed it';
a HIT ! 

Message: Good Afternoon, Thanxx for reaching out. Tyrone Bradley " I look forward to the release of the full project.
Program Director

Message: This track, it's dope. I listen to every song before I download them
Let me know when you finish the LP.  Whenever Tyrone comes to NYC to perform would be 
great to see him rock out live. Cheers Price


Produced-Recorded and Mixed By 

Productions: RSA Productions
Contact: Joe Andolina /253-209-1184 / 

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